Graham Is Followed To His Car By Screaming Protesters, What He Did Next Ruined Their Day

On Friday during the cloture vote, the Senate advanced Judge Brett Kavanaugh to advance the nomination, 51-49.

Liberal tears are flowing heavily as their smear tactics and paid protesters backfired big league. (Video Below)

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has done a 180 degree turn, jumped on the Trump Train, and has been very outspoken against the democrat obstruction, has become a favorite among Trump supporters.

After the cloture vote Friday, Graham was walking to his car and protesters followed him screaming that they would remove him from office and that he was “despicable.”

The protesters ran from their position standing on the side of the road with ‘STOP KAVANAUGH’ signs to harass the Senator.

Graham spun around with quickness and said: “Well, please move to South Carolina.” Then, he looked back and smiled. Priceless! (Video Below)

The protesters continued their shenanigans, but it didn’t faze the South Carolina Senator.

He’s over the democratic obstruction and their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Facts matter. Facts don’t have feelings. (Video Below)

The protesters attempted to surround Graham’s car, screaming, “You old, white, privileged patriarchy!” The protesters were themselves mature, white women. They continued to scream at Graham, “You have changed so much!” as Graham’s car pulled away.


WATCH BELOW as Lindsey Graham wrecks the protesters day.

You got to love it! Lindsey Graham is savage!

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