After Voting, McConnell Shows How Dems Playbook Is About To Backfire Even More

Senate Majority Leader – Mitch McConnell – spoke out about the BATTLE for the conservative Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

When it comes to confirming Justices for the life-time appointment, McConnell laid down what the Republican battle plan was and HOW America won this Supreme Court seat.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

McConnell discussed the MOB and how it affected the Senators.

McConnell was asked if had any doubts that the Republican’s would lose the appointment and if the damage could be repaired between the two parties.

Mitch said, “Nothing is irreparably damaged. This has been a nasty process,” McConnell mentions that it started with the Democrats on the Judiciary committee then it leaked over into the public.

“We’ve, literally been assaulted here by a MOB that’s going to our homes. Brushing up against us in the halls requiring enhanced security,” he said.

“LOOK. The good news is: THE MOB DIDN’T WIN. Justice will be done. We have protected the presumption of innocence in this Country. It applies in ALL walks of life and certainly in Supreme Court confirmation,” the Leader said. (VIDEO BELOW.)

How was it moving forward with the Confirmation not KNOWING Kavanaugh would win?

The Senate Majority Leader explained that, “there were times that I wondered whether if we’d WIN. But I never considered for one moment QUITTING”

He explained that it “would have been unfair to Kavanaugh. His reputation had been dragged through the mud for two weeks.”

McConnell then discussed how he chatted with the President about the battle plan. (Continued below.) 

He said, “The President and I had talked about IF we came up short – we were going to deal with another Supreme Court nominee THIS YEAR.”

Additionally, McConnell said the Republican’s plan was to not allow a stall to happen. He said, “So we were NOT GOING TO ALLOW THIS TO GO ON FOR A MONTH ..for a multitude of reasons.”

“It was not getting any better – with the passage of time,” McConnell said. Then Mitch said the real “HERO’S of this story are Susan Collins and Jeff Flake.”

A BIG LEAGUE Congratulations to Justice Brett Kavanaugh! (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Mitch McConnell discussed the Republican battle plan to Supreme Court confirmation victory!