Capito & Hyde-Smith Open Up On Why They Had Collins Back During Her Speech

[Image source: Fox News, CBS News, PBS Newshour, NBC News, and ABC News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation.]

Senator Shelley Wellons Moore Capito (R-WV) is a GOP first-female to be voted into Congress from West Virginia. And Cindy Hyde-Smith is a female Senator from Mississippi. The pair sat behind Senator Collins as she delivered her powerful speech on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, Senators Capito & Hyde-Smith spoke out regarding the incredible speech by Senator Collins that captivated America. (Video below.)

Senator Collins (R-ME) speech gets two thumbs up from Senator Capito.

Capito started with, “Well, I was just incredibly honored to hear her speech.” She said with deep emotion, “to learn so much from her in that moment.”

Anyone who heard Collins speech knew it was evident that she definitely did her homework.

Collins thoughtfully spent hours with Judge Kavanaugh asking him all of the right questions regarding his policy positions.

From the Senate floor, she addressed the President of the United States and announced she will vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. (See the Collins full speech video at bottom.)

Capito drills down to the details.

In a refreshing overview, Capito said, “When she talked about fairness. And the presumption of innocence. And the tenants of our Democracy.

Her speech was so well researched, well delivered, SO powerful that I think…” Capito told America.

Fox News tweeted Capito’s final thought, “…when it comes right down to it, the fairness aspect of what we’ve seen moving forward, is why I think Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed later this afternoon.(See video tweet below.) 

Senator Hyde-Smith said the decision to sit behind Collins was an unplanned decision and sort of came impromptu. She said, “We just wanted Susan Collins to know that we were close to her and we were supporting her.”

Watch Video:

Although 40 plus minutes long…here is the FULL EXPLOSIVE speech on the SENATE FLOOR BY Senator Collins (R-ME). 

In ending, are you impressed by Senator Collin’s speech?