Dean Cain Reveals How Democrats Just Shot Themselves In The Foot With Their Midterm Chances

[Image source: MSNBC video screenshot.]

As Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to Supreme Court wraps up, Democrats now find themselves in a very serious pickle.

They went all-in with their character assassination of Kavanaugh, and there was no limit in the smears during the process of trying to prevent his confirmation. But now that their desperate strategy appears to have failed, former Superman actor Dean Cain believes Democrats now face a major problem moving forward. Video Below

Before the Kavanaugh confirmation process began, Democrats held a comfy lead in all polls regarding the midterms.

However, according to a new poll in the aftermath of their Kav-attacks, Democrats now are faced with a sudden drop in motivation of their base to vote in November.

Their strategy, apparently, has majorly backfired as now the momentum seems to have shifted to the Republican side.

Republicans are angry at the way Dem Senators treated Kavanaugh, even going as far as to label him as an attempted rapist before all of the facts were out.

And this entire mess that was ignited by Democrat leaders is exactly what Dean Cain believes will spell doom for the hypothetical ‘Blue Wave’ as the Red Wave appears to be getting stronger. Video Below

Citing the petty attacks made by the left during the confirmation hearings, Dean Cain said, “It may have energized Republicans more than anybody…the very poor behavior of Democrats during the confirmation.” 

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And now with Kavanaugh’s confirmation on the brink, Democrats now are faced with major damage control in the days leading up to the midterms all because of their behavior Cain is referring to. Video Below

Dean Cain Reveals How Dems Shot Themselves In The Foot