Laura Ingraham Rings In Kav’s Pending Confirmation With A Beer Salute For The Ages

Who says Republican’s don’t know how to have fun? In a hilarious nod to Brett Kavanaugh – Laura and Raymond set up a segment on a serious topic…the dangers of…selfies.

It is true that 259 people worldwide have actually DIED taking selfies. (VIDEO BELOW.)

People die taking selfies? 

Yes, they do. The segment began with Raymond Arroyo while he discussed the craze that is happening with selfies.

People dying on rooftops, or snapping a photo just before bear attacks. It’s real.

So – caution – to everyone. It’s not worth a photo if you endanger your life to get the perfect photograph. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Arroyo brings out a six-pack of BUD LIGHT and asks to take a selfie with Laura Ingraham as a nod to Judge Kavanaugh.

Then, to further the point – Arroyo whips out a six-pack and said “Okay – before I go. Just to bring it all together. We’ll take a selfie.’

They agree to take a selfie, and as they scoot closer together you can hear Laura say, “Go to the edge.” And Arroyo falls out of his chair! Laura quickly transitions to the next segment leaving him crumpled until she calls for a “medic!”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

In closing, how are you planning to celebrate Judge Kavanaugh’s expected confirmation this afternoon around 3:30 pm Eastern time?  

WATCH the hilarious video below of Arroyo and Ingraham! 

There’s the selfie shot and a nod to Judge Kavanaugh! 

Cheers! Image source to Fox News screen capture.

Cheers! Image source to Fox News screen capture.

h/t The Hill.