Ken Starr Explains Why Kav’s Confirmation Should Be Embraced As A ‘Day Of Celebration’

Judge Ken Starr who is a Circuit Judge and U.S. Solicitor General has known Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family a long time!

And what Judge Starr has to say about Justice Kavanaugh will leave you duly impressed! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Ken Starr spoke with great respect about Justice Kavanaugh and what his impact will be on the High Court. 

Starr said in an authentic tone that can only be heard from people who are speaking from the heart about someone they truly know and respect.

He said, “He’s going to be a great Justice. I know Brett. He brings brilliant and yet humility to bear.

“His record as a Circuit Court Judge for twelve years was just OUTSTANDING,” Starr told America. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“One of the MOST RESPECTED JUDGES IN THE COUNTRY.” – Judge Ken Starr on Justice Kavanaugh.

“So let’s put this HORROR BEHIND US. What he called a National DISGRACE – I call it – a National TRAGEDY,” Starr said.

Judge Starr thinks it’s up to the High Court now. He spoke about the relationship between the NINE HIGH COURT JUSTICES and how they will continue forward for the good of the Country.

Then Starr said, “It’s a day of celebration for me…for my family. Because we’ve known Brett and his family forever.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH the video below as Judge Ken Starr speaks honestly about Justice Kavanaugh.

Fox News  tweeted: Judge Ken Starr on Kavanaugh: “He’s going to be a great justice…one of the most respected judges in the country.”