After Al Gore Begs For Action On Global Warming, James Woods Burns Him Raw

Al Gore is not giving up hope. His crusade against global warming hit a major snag after President Trump was elected into office. And he is slowly figuring out that Trump isn’t about to give in to his agenda.

In a new desperate plea, Gore is on record now claiming that “Time is running out” on global warming and we must take action. His comments come nearly a month after saying President Trump should ‘resign’ due to his lack of urgency towards climate change and global warming. And after seeing the article about Gore by The Daily Caller, James Woods burned Al in epic fashion.

Al Gore said in a statement, “Today the world’s leading scientific experts collectively reinforced what Mother Nature has made clear – that we need to undergo an urgent and rapid transformation to a global clean energy economy.”

He continued, “However, time is running out, so we must capitalize and build upon the solutions available today. Solving the climate crisis requires vision and leadership.”

“Unfortunately, the Trump administration has become a rogue outlier in its shortsighted attempt to prop up the dirty fossil fuel industries of the past. The administration is in direct conflict with American businesses, states, cities, and citizens leading the transformation.”

After reading this nonsense, James Woods immediately roasted Gore! See Below

James Woods responded to Al Gore’s latest attack on President Trump for not taking action on global warming with a rhetorical question that says it all.

Woods retweeted The Daily Callers article on Gore with the following response:

“Is Al Gore Broke Again?” (See Below)

Al Gore Gets Burned Raw By James Woods

BOOM! That one’s gonna hurt!

James Woods is not in the mood for nonsense from Gore, as he is back fresh after being suspended by Twitter over a petty meme.

But needless to say, Gore isn’t fooling anyone. Especially after the millions of dollars he has made by being wrong about the weather. When can his Global Warming agenda be looked at as a potential money scheme?

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In 2009, Gore predicted polar ice would be gone in 5 years. And my, oh my, was he DEAD WRONG!

In ending, we leave you with video proof of Gore’s failed prediction made almost a decade ago.