GAME TIME: Pat Sajak Revs Up The Deplorable Base With Eight Electrifying Words

America’s Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is back stronger than ever supporting the America First agenda!

Only in America! Where freedom of speech reigns and American patriots are unafraid to be in the silent majority no longer! (More below.)

Pat Sajak tweeted eight words that are puzzle worthy! 

After six long weeks of being gone from the “twitter-verse”, Pat Sajak returned with a strong message regarding the Kavanaugh debacle.

He simply stated the following:

“I think I’d rather be deplorable than despicable.”  (More below.)

Like most Americans, Pat has had enough.

Sajak is obviously referring to the Kavanaugh hearing.

The way the Supreme Court nomination was handled by the Democrats threatened America’s due process.

Where “innocent until proven guilty” blurred into the media’s public court. A show – in which the left-wing billionaire’s paid – to diminutize our Constitutional Republic. (More below.)

Sajak fans respond! 

A great photograph promptly followed after Pat’s tweet. And it simply said “Stay Deplorable My Friend.”

Another Sajak fan commented, “I’m so glad you’re tweeting again Pat,” and welcomed him back to twitter.

While another said, “Welcome to the counter-culture, where we have joy and humor, and they reek of desperation.”

Speaking of desperation…Hillary Clinton probably rues the day she described a part of then-candidate Trump’s base as “deplorable.”

It is still unclear how she thought it would be a good idea to insult so many American’s in one sentence. See the video of Hillary getting it SO wrong with her “Basket of deplorables” speech…the video is at the bottom!

See tweets below:


WATCH Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorable” video below for a good laugh! 

In closing, what do you think of Pat’s tweet? Would you rather be characterized as “deplorable” than “despicable’?

If you want to see the Republican’s take the House and Senate on November 6th, 2018 then get registered and ready! Click here to see your States voter information.