What McConnell Just Said About Dems Spells Doom For Their Midterm Games

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joined Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday morning after the long awaited confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

McConnell, sick of Chuck Schumer and his minion’s sneaky games, explained exactly what he and his Republican colleagues did to put Kavanaugh over the finish line. (Video Below)

During the interview on Sunday, Chris Wallace showed a clip of Schumer attacking McConnell over the Supreme Court Justice seat.

McConnell explained that he and his colleagues didn’t attack Merritt Garland the way the Democrats played their card with a search and destroy mission.

He agreed with Schumer on that it’s been a low point on the Senate, but McConnell has a different view about who caused the low point: Senate Judiciary Democrats who leaked Dr. Ford’s name against her desires.

He pointed out that democrats tried to lower the standards of claiming that the presumption of innocence no longer applies. (Video Below) 

What McConnell Just Said About Dems Spells Doom For Their Midterm Games

McConnell added that there was also a mob that descended on Capitol Hill who tried to intimidate Senate members to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination.

He declared that they stood up to the mob, established a presumption of innocence, and noted that it’s still important.

When the democrats try to pull their games again, McConnell and his team will have the upper hand again knowing the tricks they are pulling and will defeat them at their own games. (Video Below) 

Watch Mitch McConnell explain. (Full interview below)

Watch the full interview:

Democrats will be losing more and more when they don’t follow law and order and think it doesn’t apply anymore.

President Trump campaigned on law and order, and Republicans won’t let democrats destroy our country with their mob rule.

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