Lindsey Graham Pivots In His Battle Against Dems, Buries Hirono In Her Own Words

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), joined Fox News Monday night with Sean Hannity after the swearing in of Justice Brett Kavanaugh at the White House.

Graham exposed Senate Democrats and their shameful tactics during Kavanaugh’s lead up to his confirmation, and it should turn a light bulb on for those who are conflicted. (Video Below)

During his interview, Graham explained that the Democrats’ treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh was appalling, adding that it was wrong for the left to attack Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) as well.

“It’s all about ‘outcomes’ for our friends on the left,” Graham said.

Graham pointed out that Collins was treated unfairly after she gave an honest, informative, and passionate speech concluding her intention to vote yes for Kavanaugh.

He added that several Democrats, including Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono, were “insulting” to the rule of law and other core principles throughout Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. (Video Below)

“The Hirono Standard is horrific,” referring to when she declared that men should “shut up” and that women “need to be believed” outright. The North Carolina Senator said.

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“What was insulting was how the senator from Hawaii took everything we hold near and dear and threw it over,” Graham said. (Video Below)

“Do you want to live in the world of Senator Hirono where you’re guilty until proven innocent?” Graham asked. “Or, do you want to live in the Susan Collins world where you’ll actually be heard, listen to, and evaluated?”

He also pointed out that there are two issues in the midterm elections: Are you okay with what they did to Kavanaugh? Is this the America you want to pass onto your children?

“What do you have to lose?” He asked, referring to another question on the ballot.

And with that, he pointed out the differences in voting Republican or Democrat.



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