Mike Huckabee Wrecks Taylor Swift’s Coming Out Party With A Shrewd Reality Bomb

Taylor swift made headlines early this week after officially coming out as a Democrat and threw her support behind former Tennessee Governor Phil
Bredesen for a highly contested Senate seat.

Bredesen is facing off against GOP candidate Marsha Blackburn who currently enjoys an 8-point lead over the former governor according to the latest poll. And Democrats are embracing Taylor Swift’s endorsement with the mindset that it could help shift momentum in Bredesen’s favor. However, Mike Huckabee quickly shattered their hopes after making his assessment of the matter. See Below

Swift made a statement via an Instagram post, which she states that she’s been reserved in politics in the past but feels like the time is now to finally speak out.

Swift said she will only support the candidate who will “protect and support human rights.” And she hinted that the Republican Party is racist…something that parodies attacks made by the Left and many of her celebrity colleagues. Here is a copy of her full statement:

Taylor Swift Instagram political statement. Photo credit to US4Trump with public instagram profile.

Taylor Swift Instagram political statement. Photo credit to US4Trump with public instagram profile.

Mike Huckabee, however, quickly wrecked Taylor’s coming out party. See Below

Taylor Swift has a huge following, but the one’s who are most heavily influenced by anything she has to say or do are the teenage girls who represent majority of her base. And that, according to Huckabee, creates a huge problem for any strategy Swift may have at influencing the election.

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Huckabee said, “So [Taylor Swift] has every right to be politic but it won’t impact election unless we allow 13 year old girls to vote. Still with #MarshaBlackburn.” See Below

Mike Huckabee Ruins Taylor Swift’s Coming Out Party (Official Tweet)

Courtesy of Mike Huckabee’s Twitter

In ending, do you think hard-working red state Tennesseans, as a whole, could care a less what Taylor Swift’s political views are? Scroll down below and let us know what you think about it!