Wray Comes Out Of Nowhere & RIPS Kamala For Dragging The FBI In Her Kav Smear Campaign

[Image source: PBS News hour video screenshot. Fox News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Today on Capitol Hill, FBI Director Christopher Wray faced off with the Senate Homeland Security Committee on issues regarding threats to the safety of America.

That is, until Kamala Harris (D-CA) decided to go full-out political! She tried to turn it all around to suit her Democratic playbook agenda! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Kamala tried to steer Homeland Security hearing toward the Kavanaugh FBI Investigation!

The Democrats are already obvious enough in their attempts to spin the sacred Supreme Court confirmations in to a public circus act.

Kamala’s lame attempt to turn the Homeland Security hearing into a way to get the Democrat reaction into the formal record is – well – disgraceful.

Kamala asked the FBI Director, if the FBI was given full discretion “to investigate whatever your agency thought was appropriate to figure out what happened.”

The California Senator was insinuating that the White House did not allow a FULL investigation of Kavanaugh. She wanted to continue the slander on Justice Kavanaugh’s reputation. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Wray supported Kavanaugh, the White House and the FBI’s procedures with FACTS. You cannot compare apples to oranges!

FBI Director Wray responded to Harris, “Our investigation here, our supplemental update to the previous background investigation, was limited in scope and that is consistent with the standard process for such investigations going back quite a long ways.”

Kamala continued to ask WHO at the White House gave the scope to the FBI. And Wray told her, that he could not “speak to what anybody throughout the organization might have received instructions on.”

Harris was – sadly – trying to juxtapose the scope being limited in the case of Kavanaugh’s FBI background check to the open-whatever-goes-scope that was written for the FBI’s Special counsel witch hunt. It didn’t work, try a new one Dems! ! (VIDEO BELOW.)

In the end, Christopher Wray slapped Harris down with FACTS and did not let her get away with entering her twisted agenda onto the Homeland Security record!