Rudy Breaks His Silence, Gives Holder, Hillary & Dems A Run For It On Their Recent Behavior

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Rudy Giuliani who is the personal attorney to the President of the United States, has been speaking out on the incredible tactics of the left!

Rudy brings to the forefront the divisive and dangerous rhetoric of high-profile Democrats! (MORE BELOW.)

In a flurry of tweets Rudy has strong WORDS for Hillary and Holder! 

Specifically, late Thursday night, Rudy tweeted what Clinton said, “Hillary: “Civility can start again…” when Democrats are in power.”

Then he said, “Holder: Democrat response to Republicans is to “kick ‘em.

Summing the two Democrat’s statements up, Rudy said, “This is MOB RULE. Instead vote Republican for lower taxes, better health care, more jobs and a stronger America.” (MORE BELOW.)

In a pair of tweets, Rudy lays down REALITY.

Rudy tweeted early Friday morning, “No Democrat has condemned Holder’s plea to kick Republicans or Clinton’s advocacy for incivility. This combined with organized Democrat harassment of Republicans is what the Democrat Party stands for in the 2018 election. It is inconsistent with American values.

Rudy is right on the target! Democrats have fallen to the level of organized harassment and incivility.

Giuliani then tweeted, “Hillary must clarify ; must there be both a Democrat House and Senate for them to be civil or would control of one House at least make them less indecent? I suspect,like all bullies,power corrupts. Everything is getting better. Democrats can’t be trusted to be in power.” (See tweets below.)