James Woods’ Reaction To Kanye’s White House Meeting Says It All

Rapper Kanye West went to the Oval Office for a meeting with President Donald J. Trump on Thursday.

And there wasn’t anything wrong with it. Period. Kanye and Donald go way back after all. And James Woods weighed in on the epic leftist meltdown. (VIDEO BELOW.)

President Trump and Kanye West have a mutual respect for one another and it was genuinely evident during their visit at the White House.

James Woods pointed out that the left had a severe melt down over the meeting between Mr. President and Mr. West.

Woods tweeted, “ attacked for “sitting with white people,” degraded his “mental health issues,” called his presence in the Oval Office a “minstrel show,” and mocked Mr. West’s late mother. This is .”

Then James posted a picture of Don and his boyfriend. Who happens to be – white. So why all of the hatred thrust upon Kanye by Don Lemon and his panel at CNN? (VIDEO BELOW.)

Could it be – because the 2018 Mid terms are looming just a few weeks away on November 6th? 

Then what James Woods tweeted next was RIGHT ON TARGET!

James tweeted, “So interesting that black unemployment in America is at historic lows, is actually challenging a century of failed Democratic policies for black Americans, and mainstream media shills are losing their already addled minds. Beautiful to behold.

Do you agree with James? Is the left melting down because they KNOW this will NOT bode well for the midterms if they lose the black vote? And do you think it makes the left look bad to behave like this? (VIDEO BELOW.)

SEE THE VIDEO OF KANYE AND PRESIDENT TRUMP AT THE WHITE HOUSE.  Watch as Kanye hugs President Trump! Look at that smile! 

See Woods’ tweets below: