New Details Surface Of A Thwarted Assassination Attempt On Pres Trump

Pres Trump is undoubtedly one of the most powerful men in the world. If not, THE most powerful man in the world.

Along with that kind of power, comes threats. Threats from inside America and – equally – outside of America. (VIDEO BELOW.)


There are economic threats, threats to assassinate his character. Threats to our First Lady and all of the President’s children too.

No-one is safe. And, most of all – there have been threats on the life of President Trump.

And a year ago in November, a credible threat was STOPPED in it’s tracks while he was scheduled to attend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations 2017 ASEAN 50 Summit.

The Secret Service keeps President Trump SAFE and staved off the assassination attempt.

“According to Anthony Ornato, the Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division, chatter led his agents to believe that a credible threat was present on the ground when President Trump was scheduled to touch down in Manila, Philippines,” per The Daily Caller.

Sunday night on the National Geographic Channel there was a show called, United States Secret Service: On the Front Line. 

The two-hour special revealed “there was a plot against President Trump’s life in Manila—a shocking fact,” reported the The Daily Beast. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Watch the video below – an excerpt from National Geographic’s Special.

This is how the story began:

“President Trump (codename: “Mogul”) was due to arrive in the bustling city to meet with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and other South Asian leaders at the ASEAN 50 summit in November 2017. Chad Ragan, a special agent in the Presidential Protective Division, was the Secret Service agent in charge for the trip; Audrey Gibson, a special agent in the Protective Intelligence & Assessment Division (aka “The Bubble”), served as his eyes and ears,” as reported by The Daily Beast.

Click here to check out the National Geographic schedule to watch the special. Or click here to read the story in FULL. (VIDEO BELOW.) 


Tweet from the US Secret Service: “Get a glimpse of what goes into the protective mission of the Secret Service in this two hour special premiering on Sunday.” (VIDEO BELOW.)