Ratcliffe Just Discovered Three Issues With Baker’s Testimony That Reveals Coverup Corruption

John Ratcliffe (R-TX) was on Capitol Hill today. And he was hands on deck while FBI Attorney James Baker testified.

Baker showed up to testify in front of Congress unlike Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who was a no-show last week when Congress wanted to ask about his comments regarding wire tapping the President of the United States.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

What happened on Capitol Hill today?

The Texas Congressman who is also a member of the House Judiciary & House Ethics committee was present during the Baker testimony.

Ratcliffe then joined Bill Hemmer on Fox News. And what he had to say will leave you concerned with his transparent comments.

After Bill asked Ratcliffe if Baker put him at ease or raised more concerns. John made it clear that he could not tell us what Baker said.

“But what I can tell you is that I walked out of that room, Bill, more convinced and more concerned that the FBI and Department of Justice had NOT met it’s obligations in disclosing material facts to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court,” he said. (FISA) (VIDEO BELOW.)

“More convinced and more concerned that the FBI had LEAKED CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media.” – John Ratcliffe. 

The Congressman continued, the FBI and DOJ, “had violated it’s own rule with respect to dealing with terminated sources like Christopher Steele.”

“And most importantly, Bill, I’m more convinced and more concerned that a bunch of TRUMP HATING AGENTS AND LAWYERS AT THE FBI were telling President Trump he was not under investigation at a time where they were discussing investigating President Trump,” Ratcliffe ended. (VIDEO BELOW.)

See video and tweet below from John Ratcliffe:

“After my interview with former top FBI Attorney James Baker, I’m more convinced than ever that the FBI and DOJ:

1) hadn’t met their obligation to disclose material facts to the FISA court.

2) leaked classified information to the media…