Former Hillary Aide Hints Of A Third Run, Sarah Sanders’ Reaction Is Priceless

Failed Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has been making headlines for various reasons in recent days, and this time it’s over remarks made by her former campaign aide.

The Daily Caller recently published an article that highlights remarks made by Clinton’s former aide, Philipe Reines, in an interview with Politico.

Reines hinted at a possible 2020 run for Clinton when he complimented the former Democrat Presidential Nominee as “smarter than most” and “she could raise money easier than most, and it was an absolute fight to the death.”

And when asked if these remarks mean she could run again Reines, “It’s somewhere between highly unlikely and zero…but it’s not zero.”

What?! A possible third Hillary bid for President?

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded to the news in classic fashion. See Below

Sarah Sanders retweeted The Daily Caller’s article where Hillary’s former aide hinted at a third run for President.

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The press secretary reacted with the short, yet bold statement, “Christmas coming early this year?” See Below

Official Tweet By Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Regarding A Potential Third Run By Hillary

Another bid by Hillary would be the perfect gift for President Trump. Afterall, he has already fulfilled majority of the campaign promises that he defeated her with and likely has more in the bag to easily take her down once again.