Franklin Graham Reveals Three Gifts Trump Gave To Christians & How More Can Be Ensured

Franklin Graham, the son of evangelical Billy Graham who passed away on February 21st, 2018, has made a great move to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“Every U.S. President since World War II has met with Billy Graham,” and Franklin stepped up for America, too. (MORE BELOW.)

Billy’s are BIG shoes to fill, but Franklin is easily stepping into them.

Franklin’s father was noted to say quite often, “Whether the story of Christ is told in a huge stadium, across the desk of a powerful leader, or shared with a golfing companion, it satisfies a common hunger.”

All over the world, whenever I meet people face-to-face, I am made aware of this personal need among the famous and successful, as well as the lonely and obscure,” the elder Graham would say.

Franklin Graham who heads “Samaritan’s Purse”, met with President Trump, as well as did Billy Graham on his 95th birthday. The photograph of President Trump with Billy Graham is below.

It’s no secret that Billy’s eldest son, Franklin “has no such qualms about giving his full-throated support to the President,” reported the New Yorker.” (MORE BELOW.)

Franklin offers the gift that keeps on giving in a three-part tweet for ALL American’s.

Early last month, Franklin reminded America, “that Trump’s critics have forgotten that ‘he’s our President. If he succeeds, you’re going to benefit,'” he told the New Yorker staff writer Eliza Griswold.

On Saturday, Graham tweeted a three-part series, he said, “POTUS has kept his promises to Christians by protecting religious freedoms & appointing conservative judges to the federal courts & SCOTUS. He has kept his promises to our country to create jobs, strengthen the military, lower taxes, & strengthen our borders. 1/3″

For @POTUS @realDonaldTrump to continue fulfilling the promises he made to Americans, he needs a House & Senate that will work with him to bring positive change, regardless of party. The midterm elections are 17 days away, & it’s one of the most important in our lifetime. 2/3,” Graham imparted the importance of voting. (MORE BELOW.)

Research, Pray and Vote. – Franklin Graham

In ending the three-part tweet, Franklin simply said: Pray before you vote. And don’t let the media that is trying to divide our country, influence you. Look at the facts, do your research, pray, and vote. 3/3.”

Are you ready to help save America?

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See three-part tweet below:

President Trump meets Billy Graham.