Reporter Pushes For Evidence Of Migrants Being ‘Hardened Criminals’, Trump Instantly Humiliates Her

During a round table event in Arizona, President Trump made a complete fool out of a New York Times reporter over the caravan that is heading to the United States southern border.

This week he has taken an increasing measures with the 4,000 Central Americans heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border. (Video Below)

During the meeting the President took a few questions from the press and Emily Cochrane from The New York Times asked Trump what evidence he has that the migrants who are reaching the southern border are “hardened criminals.”

President Trump immediately shot back at her, “Oh please, don’t be a baby. Take a look. Look at what’s happening.”

“Look at the Mexican soldiers that are laying on the ground. These are hardened….and I didn’t say in all cases, but in many cases. They are hardened criminals.” He said. “These are tough, tough people. And, I don’t want them in our country.”

“And, neither does our country want them in our country.” The President added sternly. (Video Below)

President Trump has repeatedly slammed Democrat leaders for supporting “open borders” and addressed the issue during a rally Thursday in Missoula, Montana about the “catch and release” policy that allows migrants who reach the United States to stay.

“We have to take those people in even if they are criminals. And we have hardened criminals coming in. You think those people are perfect? They’re not perfect. We have some bad people coming in, and by law, we have to take them in and then we have to — it’s called ‘catch and release,’ you ever hear this one?” The President asked during the rally.

The President continues to rail against Democrats for the current U.S. immigration policies. (Video Below)

The President tweeted on Thursday, “I am watching the Democrat Party led (because they want Open Borders and existing weak laws) assault on our country by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing little to stop this large flow of people, INCLUDING MANY CRIMINALS, from entering Mexico to U.S.”

Further, he threatened to send the military to the southern border to prevent further migration.

“As you know I’m willing to send the military to defend our southern border if necessary, all caused because of the illegal immigration onslaught brought by the Democrats because they refuse to acknowledge or change the laws,” he said.

Emily Conchane of The New York Times tweeted after asking the President her question, “I asked President Trump what evidence he had that “hardened criminals” are trying to enter the country. “Oh please, please, don’t be a baby,” was his response.”

(Video Below)

Watch Below as President Trump calls out The New York Times reporter:


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