James Woods Makes His Case As To Why The Caravan Is Really A ‘Fake Invasion’

[Image source: Fox News video screenshot.]

As always, the brilliant JAMES WOODS hit the nail on the proverbial head once again!

In his no-nonsense fact-based tweets, James expects the “Fake Invasion” to arrive – against logical and mathematical odds – just in time for American mid-terms! (MORE BELOW.) 

The Democrat’s Fake Invasion Blue Wave might arrive just in time for Mid-Term Election Week!

The illegal immigration migration campaign started on the  Mexican border. Hondurans gathered several days ago and numbered in the hundreds.

Suddenly, the numbers have swollen into the thousands. They are set on marching through Mexico until they reach the American southern border.

There are whispers that “Soros’ funding has been tied to several groups that have spearheaded the “refugee” invasion coalition – also dubbed “the Soros Express,” as reported by One News Now.

President Trump has enlisted the assistance of Mexico to stop the illegal immigration migration or as James Woods coined it, the “Fake Invasion.” (MORE BELOW.) 

James Woods gives up the FACTS about the caravan in the tweets below!

James tweeted, “So consider this: it is over 2,000 miles from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Phoenix, Arizona. Hard to believe a bunch of people just randomly decided to pack a lunch and walk TWO THOUSAND MILES to anywhere. Where is this mob sleeping, using bathrooms, procuring food and water?” Good question, James!

“Oh, and the “spontaneous” mob would have to walk 20 miles a day for a hundred consecutive days, without rest, to get here. That’s over three months obviously, and yet I guarantee they will all miraculously appear at our border right at midterm election week. James is probably right.