Massive Crowd Forms Extra Early At Trump/Cruz Rally As 100,000+ Turnout Is Expected

Everything is BIGGER in Texas! Including the pre-party planning for a Texas sized Trump/Cruz Rally!

Texans spent the night out side the TOYOTA CENTER to make sure they are able to get in to see PRESIDENT TRUMP and SENATOR TED CRUZ push the RED WAVE and watch it roll through Texas! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Voters camp-out Texas style and ride the RED WAVE!

Texans started lining up at noon on Sunday for the Monday night rally that begins 6:30 pm CST Monday evening. One twitter user said, “these people started lining up at noon today. 32 hours before the rally begins. I took this at 5:30 today. Cant stop the train!!!!!!!”

Houston’s Channel 2 was out early Monday morning and said it was “all peaceful” so far and there would be areas for protesters set-up later in the day.  Watch the video of their newscast below!

The venue had to change to accommodate thousands more because the ticket requests were in excess of one hundred thousand!

Brad Parscale, Trump campaign manager tweeted, “Incredible numbers for . 100,000+ RSVPs. I have flown in early and my great team is setting up the first ever TAILGATER for outside. So everyone come, room for everyone. Come see inside or out!” (VIDEO, PHOTOS, TWEETS BELOW.)

Check out the photographs below for the pre rally tailgate! 

The official tailgate began at 9 am this morning. And even port-o-potties were delivered to make the experience better for everyone. We hope California takes a lesson on how to keep streets clean! See the video below – courtesy of TexasGSDGirl!

The twitter-verse exploded with Texans snapping photographs and posting them to social media. One twitter user reported, “Hours before President Trump holds a campaign rally for Texas Senator Cruz at the Toyota Center, thousands of his supporters gather outside venue. Many have spent the night.”

See all of exciting and patriotic photos and tweets below! Click here on the official website to make sure you are registered to vote in YOUR STATE and participate in the RED WAVE Nov 6th(VIDEO, PHOTOS, TWEETS BELOW.)

We are live in Houston for Texas Today this morning. People are lining up outside the Toyota Center for the rally with Pres. Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Watch the KPRC Channel 2 local Houston,Texas video of the camp out at 6:30 am Monday morning!