Mike Huckabee Rings The Alarm, Makes An Urgent Border Plea That Can’t Be Ignored

[Image source: Fox News video screenshot].

Governor Mike Huckabee is back on the airwaves and he weighed in on the illegal immigration migration marching to our Southern border.

Mike tells it like it is! And tells America why we have to be a strong Country and protect our borders! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Huckabee discussed the INVASION as caravan draws closer to the United States Southern Border.

The numbers continue to stack up and swell to a reported 7,000 migrants who are marching to America.

They are headed to the American southern border – just in time for midterms. Also, Huckabee gives his take of what is happening with this caravan.

Huckabee said, “What we have – again – is an INVASION. And you just can’t stand there and say, ‘Well, if there’s that many of you – then we’re going to go ahead and  just look the other way.'”

Then he added, “Because then you’ve really created a wide open door. And it’ll never stop.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Huckabee pointed out a solid thought and he mentioned the caravan “looks like” perhaps a “registration line for Democrat voters!”

Additionally, Mike is calling on the Democrats to join in on the border crisis. But instead he wondered why “the Democrats have been silent about this.”

Then Huckabee called out the Democrats, he said, “Do they not care about the border of our Country? Do they not care? Do they not have any interest in sorting out who is really coming here? Under the guise of asylum and who is coming here just because they feel like they can and nobody can stop them because they’re too great in numbers?”

The former Governor told America, “If we’re not a strong enough Country to STOP and INVASION of several thousand people who DEMAND…that they have a right to bust through the border. To break into our HOME. To just come in and say ‘we’re going to do whatever we want’. Then we’re not a very strong Country anymore.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH the video below as Governor Mike Huckabee supported the President and explained WHY President Trump called to send troops to the border if necessary.

“It’s an assault on our Country,” President Trump said at the Houston rally, Monday night. Do you support the President in sending troops to the border?