After Geraldo Suggests We Let The Caravan In, Gorka Teaches Him A Swift Lesson

Monday night on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera and Sebastian Gorka clashed on ‘Hannity’ over what the United States should do to handle the rapidly expanding migrant caravan headed towards the border.

In a heated debate, Geraldo played the sympathy card, while Gorka slammed down a “common sense” card winning the segment. (Video Below)

As the expanding migrant caravan continues to head to the United States southern border, many have come forward to voice their opinion of how the President should handle the situation.

Sebatian Gorka was having none of what Geraldo Rivera was trying to lay out and play, and he shut him down faster than you can say, “I fold.”

During the segment, Geraldo tried to claim that there are no criminals in the migrant caravan that is heading to the United States, and if there are they would be easy to spot out. He vouched for the illegals saying they are desperate to come over and improve their lives in our country.

Hannity stopped Geraldo explaining that these people have to do it “legally,” we have laws. (Video Below)

“What are gonna do, are you going to shoot them Sean?” Geraldo asked.

Hannity shot back saying, “No. They need to be stopped in Mexico. What are you going to do? Just let them in and say, ‘Come on in and never vet them?'”

That’s when Gorka came in and slammed down the “common sense card.” (Video Below)

After Geraldo Suggests We Let The Caravan In, Gorka Teaches Him A Swift Lesson

“This is really beneath you Geraldo.” Gorka said bluntly.

Geraldo became triggered after Gorka’s remark, but Gorka pointed out that he is an immigrant himself, and the immigration issue is important to him.

“To write an article and then come on Sean’s show and say, ‘What are you going to do…shoot them? That’s Un-American. We don’t say stuff like that because this is not a dictatorship.'”

Gorka pointed out a proven fact that some of the immigrants coming over are in fact MS-13 and criminals. Sara Carter discovered first hand who is embedded in the caravan.

Sara Carter jumped on a helicopter and flew into the caravan area. She reported, that Judicial Watch’s “Chris Farrell and Guatemalan Secretary of Strategic Intelligence – Mario Duarte – [are] at the border with her. (Video Below)

Carter also pointed out that “Guatemalan intelligence discovered people from India, Bangladesh, Africa had also joined in with the caravan. I bumped into a number of young MS 13 gang members. The caravan is expected to arrive around midterms after travelling through Mexico to arrive on the United States border.”

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Gorka continued to point out what the military does instead of “shoot people.” He explained the military helps hurricane victims or helps with the police whenever there is rioting. “It’s been done for over 200 years Geraldo, open a history book! You cannot vouch for 7,000 people!”

Geraldo and Gorka went back and forth. Geraldo kept protecting the immigrants coming to the United States border while Gorka asked, “You’re going to put the safety of American’s in the hands of Mexico?

Nobody has a right to come to America!” Gorka declared.

Watch the fiery debate below:


Democrats would rather protect criminal aliens than American citizens which is why the democrats must be voted out of office. We need more Republican votes.

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