Nikki Haley Unmasks Who Is Encouraging The Caravan & What Their Motive Is Behind It

Nikki Haley, American Ambassador to the United Nations has pointed America in the right direction to make sense out of the caravan.

With her vast wisdom, knowledge and contacts, she was able to define for us WHO organized the caravan, but not necessarily WHO is paying for it. (MORE BELOW.)

La Tribuna tells the tale of the man behind the scenes and is translated to “I organized the caravan with free leaders.”

Nikki pointed us to a Wall Street Journal article that directs us to La Tribuna. La Tribuna is a Honduran news outlet. And it is written in Spanish.

“Waves of humanity marching in lock step don’t materialize spontaneously and neither has this “caravan.” This march is organized and not necessarily for the benefit of the migrants. Mr. Trump has good reason to turn it back,” WSJ writes in “The Caravan to Nowhere.”

However, translated from La Tribuna, we find out that “an active member of the controversial expedition of freedom and reform institution, Bartolo Fuentes, acknowledged that it was he who organized the caravan of migrants through Facebook.” 

La Tribuna further stated, “He said that it is not the first time that he has organized a caravan of immigrants. The Government of Guatemala and Mexico have spoken out against the group.” Looks like Bartolo Fuentes bit off more than he could chew. (MORE BELOW.)

Fuentes ended up in jail and then deported back to Honduras thanks to President Trump’s threat to withdraw aid.

Reuters confirmed that Fuentes “was detained in Guatemala on Tuesday as the U.S. government threatened to withdraw aid from both countries and El Salvador if the flow of migrants north to the United States was not stopped.”

The migration did not stop altogether and has swelled in numbers currently to 7,000.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Fuentes, and he “has said he did not expect the caravan to grow so large, which raises the question of where the financing for the marchers is coming from.”  The question every American citizen is asking, too. (MORE BELOW.)

Who benefits from this chaos and who is paying for it? 

“Criminal organizations and governments like Venezuela would benefit from chaos at the U.S. border that embarrasses the Trump Administration before the election. Many non-governmental organizations on the left also support the migrants’ “right” to the American dream,” reported the WSJ’s editorial board.

“The reality is that bowing to this migration blackmail would produce an American political backlash that would damage the cause of legal immigration and a humane refugee policy,” the WSJ cited.

In a brilliant piece, by Today in Politics, Austin Frank wrote a well-dished and cited review of WHO the rainmaker might be behind the illegal-immigration-migration-invasion. Click here to read in full.

Thank you Nikki Haley, for bringing this to our attention! Nikki retweeted, “RT : Need to look at political motives behind the caravan. Honduran politicians allied w Venezuelan & Cuban socialist dictators are encouraging the caravan to undermine US-friendly gov’t of Pres Hernandez. The US is a country of laws, not border chaos.” (MORE BELOW.)