Jim Carrey Hits An All-Time Low With His Latest Remarks On Trump’s Treatment Of Children

[Image source: C-SPAN video screenshots. Fox News video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

Hollywood has, yet, another award they enjoy bestowing upon one another every year. And Jim Carrey used this platform to slam the President without having all of his facts straight.

This event was at the Beverly Hilton on Friday night and it bridges the Country across the pond and America. It is the Brittania Awards(VIDEO BELOW.) 

Carrey amps his odd behaviors up a level during his acceptance speech.

During the international ceremony, actor Jim Carrey received a Charlie Chaplin comedy award and his acceptance speech was incredibly divisive.

Additionally, he used the platform and wasted no time to attack President Trump of the United States in front of the British award show attendees.

Really, how American can Carrey be to attack the American President in front of a world-wide audience?

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Carrey’s rant teetered on the edge of insane.

During the award speech, Carrey gave a run down on Charlie Chaplin. And said that Charlie was opposed to “capitalism without a conscience and that’s what we have now”. He said that Chaplin fought the “American right-wing of his day.”

Specifically, Carrey thinks that is also happening today as he insulted President Trump several times.

Jim said, capitalism is manifesting itself today with “it’s worst evils.” Yes, he called American’s evil who believe America should be first. Evil. Apparently, Veterans over illegals is not a ‘thing’ for Jim Carrey. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

The world according to Carrey is scary. He spouted communist ideals.

American’s want America to take care of our own first, this somehow makes us “evil.” WOW.

The Hollywood Reporter noted during Carrey’s diatribe that he said, “We need to be clear: Shamelessness is not, and will never be a superpower. It is the mark of a villain, kidnapping children is not what great nations do.”

Carrey actually said President Trump was kidnapping children. The insanity of that line alone shows how incredibly detached from reality this “comedian” is.

Specifically, he was referencing the border laws that were being enforced yet instituted under Clinton, per the Heritage Foundation(VIDEO BELOW.) 

In ending the Hollywood Reporter wrote about Carrey, “Specifically, tipped his hat to Chaplin, Trump dossier author Christopher Steele, Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, advocate Colin Kaepernick and Robert De Niro, who was mailed a bomb earlier in the week.”

WATCH as Jim Carrey denounced American capitalism.