Sara Carter Reveals WHO Coordinated The Caravan & Two Key Steps To Halt It

Sara Carter, investigative reporter is back from the Guatemalan and Honduran borders and she joined Lou Dobbs on Fox News to tell about it.

Specifically, Sara saw exactly who was in the second wave of migrants. Then, she found out how it was coordinated and what America is going to do about it. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Sara tells how well-organized the caravan was and who was in it.

There are now “fourteen thousand people” and who Sara saw in the line included MS-13 members. Shockingly, she pointed out there were a “few hundred women and children that they actually put at the front of the line.”

Sara continued describing to Lou, “This was very highly organized. They had the women and the children at the front of the line for the photographers for whatever news; local news agencies were there.”

“I did see CNN Spanish there. They were there to tell the story of the women and children,” Sara said.

“When I walked to the back there were about thirteen hundred men. It looked like columns of men. They had a Honduran flag at the front of their mass line,” Sara noted. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Sara tells who coordinated the caravan and what America is going to do about it to STOP them from crossing into America.

Lou said there were “drug cartel, traffickers, smugglers who are also in the mix now.” And Sara said, “I ran into some MS-13 gang members while I was doing interviews.” Also, Sara saw men who were not the father’s of some children. She reported that the Guatemalan government took the children “as young as 7” into custody to save them from traffickers.

Sara explained, “the people that were organizing this event were in Honduras. They were leftist government. The former Zara government – is coordinating this. The Guatemalan Government is working very closely with the US government.” And, they will bring charges against them if anyone is harmed.

Sara said the President is right to protect our borders. She also mentioned that’s why we have troops coming in to assist. Lou said, “the President is also considering a further executive order to order suspension of immigration. Certainly, refugee status for any immigrant crossing that border now.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)