Nikki Haley’s Fearless Stance Sends World Leaders Sinking Deeper In Their Chairs

Nikki Haley, Ambassador to the United Nations took the Cuban communists to task today, and she left no shell unturned!

In an upset, Nikki sent the Cuban communists back to the sand box after the Cuban’s condemned America for human rights conditions that they themselves created. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Nikki tells the Communists what is REALLY up with their resolution; she is FEARLESS!

Nikki addressed the United Nations meeting, and she held nothing back. In her perfectly candid way, she said, “This resolution changes nothing.”

And in case they did not fully understand those four words, she continued, “It doesn’t help a single Cuban family, it does not feed a single Cuban child. It doesn’t free a single political prisoner.” 

Specifically, she stated, “Those who support this resolution every year have it WRONG. Our reason for the EMBARGO is and has always been CUBA’S DENIAL OF FREEDOM, and the most basic human rights’ for the Cuban people!”

The United States will continue to stand with the Cuban people until their rights and their freedom’s are restored. PERIOD. WE WON’T BACK DOWN,” she delivered the steadfast decree. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Nikki will NOT let the Communists’s get away with mistreating their people then try to blame in on the United States.

The US Mission to the UN agreed and stated, “Instead, countries should be focused on the real cause of the Cuban people’s suffering — the dictatorship that has oppressed its people for decades.”

Nikki stated in her tweet, “It’s unthinkable that for 27 yrs UN members have blamed the US for denying human rights and freedoms to the Cuban people.”

Watch the video below as Nikki gives the Cuban communists something to think about!  (VIDEO BELOW.)