Bongino Rips Obama A New One For Saying Sending Troops to Border Is a ‘Stunt’

Former secret service agent Dan Bongino joined Fox and Friends Saturday morning slamming former President Obama after remarks he made about President Trump deploying troops to the southern border.

Obama’s comments were made Friday at a rally in Miami, Florida as he was stumping for Democrats Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson. (Video Below)

Obama laughed at President Trump while playing down the seriousness of the Caravans heading to southern U.S. Mexico border- calling it a political stunt.

Additionally, he accused the Trump administration of taking troops from their families.

“They’re telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away,” he said of Republicans

Dan Bongino wasn’t having it and shot back at Obama and his staged approach. He pointed out that the Democrats’ approach to immigration is a “stunt” itself. (Video Below)

Defense Secretary James Mattis denied on Wednesday that sending troops to the border was any type of stunt, with the midterm elections just three days away.

“The support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the request from the commissioner of customs and border police, so we don’t do stunts in this department,” he said.

The armed troops will be sent to the border to perform logistical and support functions as the migrant caravan continues to move north. (Video Below)

Dan Bongino added that Democrats have been dishonest about the immigration debate and that “they’re not serious about it.

“For them to have the gall to suggest that this is somehow a political stunt … is just an act of political malpractice like I’ve never seen.”

Here’s a former President questioning the sending of troops by the actual President.

President Trump is the commander in chief; he has right to deploy troops to anywhere he wants and protect the safety of America.