Franklin Graham Comes Forward, Explains What’s At Stake For Tuesday’s Midterms

Reverend Franklin Graham spoke out about the midterms on the day before the last Sunday before Tuesday, November 6th.

He asked that people of faith pray before they vote. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Franklin Graham joined Fox News on Saturday.

Reverend Graham said, “There are evangelicals who are split on a lot of issues.”

But I would want to remind all the evangelicals and Christians – people of faith – to pray before you vote,” he said.

“And ask God to give you wisdom as you cast that ballot because the stakes are very high,” Franklin made America aware of the importance of making your voice heard by casting your vote.

“I think two thousand sixteen or 2016 was the most important, maybe, presidential election in my life time,” he said. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“And I believe for midterms – it’s probably the most important midterm election in my life time. ” – Franklin Graham

He further cautioned America, “And we need to be very careful. There’s a lot at stake.”

Specifically, “the Courts, the economic growth of our country in terms of all of us – regardless of our faith – we’re all benefiting from a stronger economy,” Graham stated.

And so I would certainly just ask people to consider what is at stake and to pray before you vote,” he asked America. (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH Franklin Graham address America in the video below: