Three Days Before Midterms, Trump’s Arrival In MT Was Welcomed By Native Americans & A RED WAVE Of Energy

President Trump held a rally in Bozeman, Montana Saturday afternoon for Republican candidate Matt Rosendale.

The President and his son Donald Jr. have made several visits to the state in their attempt to unseat dishonest Democrat Jon Tester who voted against the GOP tax cuts and derailed the nomination of Ronny Jackson as VA chief.

Bozeman was ready to see President Trump as the lines were long and the house was packed of MAGA energy. Further, Native Americans from the Crow Nation came out in support of President Trump.

At the rally, the Native Americans were in headdresses behind him that was captured on the big screen.

President Trump took to twitter to let his supporters know he was on the way as he wrote, “Heading to Montana and Florida today! Everyone is excited about the Jobs Numbers – 250,000 new jobs in October. Also, wages rising. Wow!”

He added, “Landing in Montana now – at least everybody admits that my lines and crowds are far bigger than Barack Obama’s…” (Continued Below)

After the rally, President Trump wrote, “If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi gain the majority, they will try to raise your taxes, restore job-killing regulations, shut down your coal mines and timber mills, take away your healthcare, impose socialism, and ERASE your borders. VOTE for @MattForMontana and @GregForMontana!”

The President is right. The line was long and crowd was Yuge!

Check out the amazing pictures and videos below of the crowd, the mountains, and the American Indians. (Continued Below)

This is amazing! Check out the headdresses:

A video clip of President Trump and the American Indians:

(Continued Below)

(Continued Below)

America is BOOMING under Republican leadership. Let’s keep it up!