Greg Gutfield & Others RIP SNL For Mocking A Veteran Who Lost His Eye In War

NBC’s Saturday Night Live “comedy” skit of world news – was a total BOMB this weekend. And the American public let them know it on Twitter.

Cast member, Pete Davidson – literally – laughed at an American Navy Seal who lost his eye and wears an eye patch. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Saturday Night turned into a Saturday Nightmare as they laugh at a disabled Veteran.

Dan Crenshaw who has served ten years in the Military as a Navy Seal happens to be running for a congressional seat in Texas, too.

The retired Lieutenant Commander served in Afghanistan and Iraq on three deployments.

On his third tour in Afghanistan he lost his right eye. And he now wears an eye patch. The Saturday Night Live crew LAUGHED at Crenshaw and made him the butt of their joke. Pathetic.

During the segment – Davidson says “lost his eye in war or whatever,” as the audience laughed as heartily as the Davidson did on the set of SNL. What happened to America that people would laugh at a war veteran? (VIDEO BELOW.)

Dan lost his eye so Saturday Night Live could have the FREEDOM to make fun of a Veteran.

Tyler Stapleton who is also a former Marine, tweeted the segment to Fox News hosts and questioned, “this passes for comedy apparently.”

Next, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld retweeted, “lost his eye in war or whatever.” This is SNL – they address a cast members breakup as if it’s of vital importance. But laugh at a vet.”

Also, check out some of the reactions of everyday American’s on twitter. Scroll below to see our favorites.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH the video below: 

WATCH video announcing Dan Crenshaw’s win in Texas GOP. 

American’s tweet back in defense of our American Veterans.