Lara Trump Lays Out Why Women Are Highly Motivated To Vote Republican

Saturday night on Justice with Judge Jeanine, Lara Trump appeared as a guest on Fox News excited about Tuesdays upcoming midterms.

Revving up the Republican base while being involved in the heart of the Trump campaign, Lara knows and hears first hand from supporters who are ready to cast their votes and keep the conservative movement going. (Video Below)

While speaking with Judge Jeanine Saturday night, Lara Trump explained women are ready to cast their votes for Republicans in the midterms after seeing what Democrats put Justice Kavanaugh through during his hearing confirmation.

Democrats like to pull the “sexism” card on President Donald Trump and towards Republicans as one of their tactics to sway votes their way, however Senate Democrats messed up after they pulled their dirty stunt with Kavanaugh.

Who can forget how Democrat lawmakers came forward declaring they believed Christine Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser, without evidence or facts? What happened to presumption of innocence? Further, they used the left-wing media to push their narrative, along with paid protesters claiming, “believe all women.”

The facts didn’t add up, and it was an emotional time during the country. Republicans and even a lot of democrats didn’t fall for the dirty games they played to try and derail Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation. (Video Below)

Despite Hillary Clinton’s opinion of “white women voted Trump because their husband’s told them to..” women actually are able to make up their own minds.

The left claims they stand by women, however they don’t stand by conservative women- making them look like complete hypocrites.

Lara Trump said that the enthusiasm among Republican women voting on Tuesday is big. (Video Below)

“Women, after they saw what happened to Brett Kavanaugh, are ready to vote for Republicans. I feel really good about things going into Tuesday.” Lara explained.

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Watch Lara’s full interview with Judge Jeanine below:

Not a single Senate Democrat has apologized to Justice Kavanaugh and his family for the false accusations that were meant to derail his nomination, ruin his life and destroy his family. They do not care about collateral damage, only power.

Make them pay at the ballot box. VOTE RED.

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