After Voting, James Comey Makes Another Move To Obstruct Trump’s Agenda

Former FBI Director James Comey posted on his twitter Tuesday morning a selfie that he voted.

Further, he tweeted that is door knocking for candidates on election day.

We are not sure which is scarier: Comey showing up at your door campaigning or his freakish smile.

Comey hit the campaign trail after voting in Virginia then he decided to go door to door for Democratic congressional candidate Jennifer Wexton.

Comey’s campaigning for Wexton is of little surprise; he donated 2,700 dollars to her campaign weeks earlier and has made his support of Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections well known. He tweeted in July 2018 that the country should vote for Democrats to repudiate President Donald Trump, via Daily Caller.

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Comey’s Official Tweet:

Comey was later identified as campaigning for Democratic congressional candidate Jennifer Wexton by a communications staffer for Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

Comey’s tweet in July:

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Twitterverse reacted: