McConnell Demonstrates How Dems Could Roll Down The Path Of Self-Destruction

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) the Majority Leader of the United States Senate spoke today after the win in the 116th Congressional midterm election.

McConnell gave a history lesson on Presidential harassment at the White House Briefing that you definitely don’t want to miss. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Senate Majority Leader schooled the Democrats in a transparent and honest history lesson.

Senate Leader McConnell was asked what the White House might do if the HOUSE Judiciary Committee tried to get President Trump’s tax records.

And he responded in a brilliant way! He said, “You know the whole idea of Presidential harassment is interesting.”

He went back in the time machine and said, “I remember when we tried it in the late ’90’s. We impeached President Clinton.”

His numbers went UP and ours went DOWN. And we under performed in the next election,” McConnell remembered. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Democrats don’t want his thoughts on the subject of Presidential harassment.

“So, the Democrats in the HOUSE will have to decide just how much Presidential harassment they think is a good strategy. I’m not so sure it will work for them. They’re not interested in my recommendation. All I’m doing is making an historical observation,” he said.

“The business of Presidential harassment which we were deeply engaged in the late ’90’s improved the President’s approval rating and tanked ours. Thus my observation, that might not be a smart strategy. But it’s up to them to decide how they want to handle that,” McConnell said after being asked again about it.

How about handle it in a way that benefits the people of America? And work together to continue the growth for America and her people?  (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH McConnell below as he discussed the impeachment of President Clinton. Start at 6:27 minute mark.