Trump Flips The Script After Reporter Compares Him To White Nationalists

Wednesday morning, President held a news conference after Tuesday night’s midterms.

Afterwards the President took questions from the press and got into a few heated exchanges with reporters. (Video Below)

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump accused a White House reporter of asking a “racist” question when she tried to bring up the word “nationalist.”

The President has touted himself a “nationalist,” because he he loves America.

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked the President, “On the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist. Some people saw that as emboldingly white nationalist. Now people are also saying…”

Trump immediately interrupted her, saying, “I don’t know why you’d say that…. such a racist question.” (Video Below)

Trump Flips The Script After Reporter Compares Him To White Nationalists

She kept going. “There are some people who are saying the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists because of that rhetoric.”

Trump replied, “I don’t believe that. Why do I have my highest poll numbers ever with African Americans? That’s such a racist question.

Honestly? I know you have it written down.. Let me tell you, that’s a racist question.” He said. (Video Below)

“You know what, I love our country. I do. You have nationalists. You have globalists. I also love the world. And, I don’t mind helping the world. We have to straighten out our country first. We have a lot of problems.” The President continued.

The PBS reporter tried to go on, but President Trump stopped her adding, “Excuse me, but to say that… what you said is so insulting to me. It’s a very terrible thing what you said.”

The President flipped the script on her and the media will lose their minds, because they got a taste of their own medicine. Trump isn’t going to put up with it.