After Two Years Of Quarreling With Flake, Pres Trump Gets The Last Laugh

Wednesday morning, President held a news conference after Tuesday night’s midterms.

Afterwards, the President took questions from the press and got into a few heated exchanges with reporters. (Video Below)

President Trump took a question from White House Correspondent for The Daily Mail, Francesca Chambers, where she asked about retirements with the midterms.

Chambers said, “Regarding all the retirements in the House Mr. President, you suggested that many of the retirements in the House made it very difficult for you in this election cycle, and it was because they were Chairman’s, and Chairmanships were vacated.”

“But, Jeff Flake wasn’t a chairman of a committee, and Paul Ryan also retired in this cycle, so why do you think that is? Whose fault is it that there were so many retirements?” She asked.

President Trump shot back with quickness leaving the room erupting in laughter. (Video Below)

After Two Years Of Quarreling With Flake, Pres Trump Gets The Last Laugh

“In Jeff Flakes case, it’s me. Pure and simple.” The President said jokingly.

He added, “I retired him. I’ve very proud of it. I did the country a great service.”

The room burst into laughter and Trump added, “He’s retired. I’d like to call it another word, but we’re going to treat him with great respect. Jeff Flake, that’s another beauty.” (Video Below)

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Watch below as President Trump jokes about Sen. Jeff Flake and his retirement: