McConnell Discusses What He Thinks Likely Caused Big GOP Gains In The Senate

The GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino after his press conference on Wednesday. And he told America why the Republican’s gained Senate seats in the 2016 midterm elections.

Besides the fact, that America is enjoying a beefed up economy there are other factors at play. (VIDEO BELOW.)

McConnell spills the beans on why the GOP picked up Senate seats.

Despite the fact that the media is historically against the Republicans, McConnell said, “We still win. The President got elected.”

Then McConnell celebrated a little bit and said, “We still have the Majority. We’re still going to be able to confirm Judges. And Cabinet members.”

“And hopefully, be able to work out some bipartisan deals as the President indicated with the Speaker Pelosi in the new Democratic House.”

He also added, “There aren’t any Republican attacks on Medicare or Social Security that’s ALL Democratic fantasy that they spin every few years.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Healthcare, Kavanaugh and Tax Cuts.

McConnell said, “Obama care has NOT worked well.” And he said the American people have “given us divided government. We have to work together. We need to improve the healthcare system in America because it’s not working well.”  

Furthermore, the Democratic votes against Kavanaugh, McConnell said was a “Godsend” to the GOP midterms, per Fox News. He also said the “mob tactics” by the left let the American people know how important it was for the Republican’s to run the Senate.

And Tax Cuts, McConnell commented on the “middle class tax cuts” the President would like to see. McConnell said “all legislation originates in the House,” he also said if the House has a good idea then “we’d be anxious to take a look at it.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

It’s obvious the GOP is willing to work with the Democrats. 

Are you ready for the House and Senate to move forward and work together?

Would you like to see the House and Senate work to assist America and her people on to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” as it states in the United States Declaration of Independence?

Additionally, the phrase is also a part of our “unalienable rights” which the “Declaration says have been given to all human beings by their creator, and which governments are created to protect,” per Wikipedia. (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: (start at 3:25 minute mark.)