In Broward Co., Gaetz Relays Explosive Twists As Basis For Why Snipes Needs Removed

Florida is the hotbed of alleged democratic voter fraud. All over the State the people are waiting to see the outcome of the election that the Democrats are obstructing.

Matthew Gaetz joined Fox News’ Martha MacCallum to give an update on what is going on in Broward County in southern Florida.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Gaetz is calling for Brenda Snipes to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE as the “Banana Republic of Broward.”

Broward Election Chief, Brenda Snipes is under fire as days after the election, votes are STILL being “found” to sway the election away from the Republicans.

Republican lawyers have opened a case against her. NBC Miami reported, “a hearing on the case was held Friday afternoon, where Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips said there was a violation of Florida’s Constitution and public records act.”

“The Judge ordered Snipes to allow inspection of the records on or before 7 p.m. Friday,” NBC reported. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Snipes DID NOT comply with the Judges orders and Matthew Gaetz is FIRED UP over it and he’s going LEGAL on the Fraud Cover-Up Crew.

“The Judge ordered Brenda Snipes to allow us to inspect the records. So that we could find out the total number of votes cast and the methods of those votes. Either, early voting, voting by mail or voting in person. That was suppose to be complied with by seven o’clock,” Gaetz said. THAT didn’t happen.

Gaetz told Martha, “The lawyers for Brenda Snipes will not allow our team to come in and comply with the Court Order.”

So what’s next? “I suspect that late into the night, we will be drafting a motion for contempt. And we’ll try to get a hearing either in the wee hours of the morning or tomorrow to hold Brenda Snipes in CONTEMPT.” BOOM! The Republicans are going LEGAL on the runaway FRAUD in southern Florida! (VIDEO BELOW.)