Sen. Graham Points Out Core Similarities Between The Kav Hearings & FL Election Chaos

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined Sean Hannity regarding the “Midterm election CHAOS,” and Senator Graham laid down exactly what to expect from the Democrats.

The pair sounded off on what is going on in South Florida and how easy it is for Democrats to ignore the Rule of Law to create their own outcome in an election. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Lindsey Graham on midterm election CHAOS and the RULE of LAW.

First, Sean detailed the number of votes that were coming in from Broward County in Florida AFTER the election had ended.

He was talking about the spread between the Republican vs. Democrat votes as “found” democratic votes kept pouring in after the close of the election.

Sean said, “we go from 57,000 to…38,000 then 30,000. Then 21,000 then 15,000! I mean, you can’t make this up! But Florida Federal Laws are VERY clear.”

Lindsey then discussed the laws and made it very clear to America. He said, “Well, the law exist to AVOID this kind of situation.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“There’s NOTHING Democrats won’t do to win” – Lindsey Graham

Specifically, “you want to account for the vote 30 minutes AFTER the election every 45 minutes,” the rule states. Graham continued, “there’s been over 90,000 votes come in AFTER the close of voting in CLEAR VIOLATION OF FLORIDA LAW.”

Lindsey continued, “Broward County is a NATIONAL JOKE when it comes to elections. And here’s where Kavanaugh has a lot in common. When it comes to counting votes and confirming Judges there’s NOTHING DEMOCRATS WON’T DO TO WIN.”

Remember, the next Supreme Court Justice nomination may be sooner than later. Prepare yourselves for the continued attacks on the RULE OF LAW by the Democrats. (VIDEO BELOW.)