Watch: While Shaking Leaders’ Hands In France, Trump Leaves Trudeau Hanging

On Sunday, President Trump and First Lady Melania wrapped up their trip to France, but not before attending an Armistice Day event with other world leaders at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The event marked the centennial anniversary of the end of World War I, as there was a series of readings and songs that related to the end of World War I.

As over 60 world leaders gathered together, cameras caught President Trump and First Lady Melania walking up to their designated spot in front.

Trump could be seen shaking every leaders hand he came in contact with. However, just a step away from where President Trump shook the last hand before getting into line stood Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trump and Trudeau have a rocky relationship that evidently isn’t strong enough for the President to want to reach out for a hand shake, as he completely denied Trudeau. (Related Article: Before Ending The Day, Lindsey Graham Drops His Two Cents On Pres Trump & NATO)

Whether or not it was intentional is the million dollar question, but the body language by the two speaks volumes. Check it out below!

President Trump Appears To Deny Justin Trudeau A Handshake At An Armistice Day Event (Video)