Compelling Details Surface That Explain Why FOX Has Been Silent On Social Media

If you are active on Twitter and follow Fox News, Fox Business, or Tucker Carlson’s account, you may have noticed they haven’t tweeted in a few days.

After doing a little digging, we have found some information as to why the accounts have remained silent.

Here is a screen shot showing Fox News silent. They haven’t tweeted a thing since 2:18 pm EST on November 8th.

Image Source: Fox News Twitter Screen Shot.

Fox Business’ last tweet was November 9th. 

Image Source: Fox Business Twitter Screen Shot.

Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account:

Tucker Carlson’s Twitter. Image Source: Screen Shot.

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Tucker’s last tweet was on November 8th.

Tucker Carlson’s Twitter. Image Source: Screen Shot.

Fox News and Fox Business have reportedly boycotted Twitter because of attacks on Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson also hasn’t tweeted since the reported boycott started. This is about Twitter’s treatment of Antifa’s attack on Tucker Carlson.

Mediaite reports, a source at Fox News told Mediaite the network’s social media shut-down is a response to the protesters that mobbed the home of Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night.

“[This] is a conscious decision in light of what was done to Tucker,” the source said. They suggested Twitter was fostering a dangerous climate that resulted in threats against Fox News employees.

On November 8th, Tucker took the night off, (along with going on vacation) after the ANTIFA mob showed up at his house. Brian Kilmeade filled in for the night for Tucker, and he phoned in during the show. This is the last thing posted on Tucker’s account. (See more below video.)

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According to Scott Gustin, manager of content strategy at Tribune Media, released a series of tweets with some information on as why Fox News has not tweeted in several days.

He wrote, “The Twitter account has been silent for over 24 hours. A Fox News employee tells me Fox is choosing to stay silent while protesting how Twitter handled posts targeting Tucker Carlson — specifically the ones that included his address.”

Gustin continued with updates, “According to source, Facebook was prompt when alerted to posts that included his home address. Twitter support reportedly told Fox to “open a ticket” and did not remove the posts.”

Tucker’s personal address was exposed to thousands, if not MILLIONS of people in the process.

Gustin also said, “Fox already released a statement condemning the Tucker protesters but there has been no official statement on the Twitter protest/blackout. Source says the Twitter blackout decision came “from the highest level” of the company.”

“Source indicated Fox will remain silent until Twitter removes the tweets and apologizes for mishandling the situation.”

“A note – last several tweets from them are all breaking alerts. Don’t be surprised to see “breaking” tweets still going out during this “protest” involving Twitter.”

“UPDATE: Around 8:30 a.m. ET Saturday, Greg Wilson (managing editor for ) sent an email to the entire digital team that instructed the team to “refrain from tweeting out our content from either section accounts or your own accounts until further notice.”

Gustin added, “It’s worth noting the account is tweeting. This email went to a distribution list of 100+ people who work on the digital team, which is completely separate from the digital teams for Fox and Friends and the primetime opinion shows.”

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Scott Gustin’s official tweets: