WATCH: Putin Gives Trump A Unique Greeting That Will Make Opposition Heads Explode

Leaders from around the world met in France during the 100th year anniversary of Armistice Day this weekend.

President Trump and First Lady Melania arrived to attend the festivities and pay tribute. (Video Below)

On Saturday, during the opening ceremony, Russian President Vladimir Putin was spotted greeting his fellow allies and shaking leaders hands as he entered.

When Putin greeted President Trump, he shook his hand, then gave him a thumbs up, and Trump patted his back as a friendly hello.

Putin returned the gesture by patting President Trump back.

Putin didn’t give anyone else a thumbs up. (Video Below)

Putin walked off and President Trump carried on as normal. Emmanuel Macron stared at Putin as if he was wondering why he didn’t get the special thumbs up as well.

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The left will read this as a code -from Putin to Trump. (Video Below)