Alexa Gets Asked ‘Who Is Jim Acosta?’ The Response Is Priceless

[Image source: MSNBC video screenshot.]

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant that many American’s have in their homes and she makes a pretty neat encyclopedia too.

Patriotic American’s across this great Nation have thought up some pretty funny questions to ask Alexa. Although, this one may take the cake. 

When asked “Who is Jim Acosta?” Alexa’s answer is hilarious:

Alexa does not seem to be a fan of CNN’s Jim Acosta, who recently had his credentials revoked barring him from the White House.

In the video below – provided by Jose Wazquez on Twitter, a man asked, “Who is Jim Acostas?”

Alexa does not disappoint. First, she corrects the plural of the last name and she replied, “I believe James Acosta…”

The Amazon virtual assistant hilariously answered, “…is an American fake journalist.” Wait…what? Did she really say that Acosta is a fake journalist? And does she have the right person since his name was at first mispronounced? [Empahsis added]. (Video Below)

Alexa knows what she is talking about on this one; she got it right.

In case you are left wondering if Alexa got it right because his name was pluralized when she was first asked, Alexa clears up any doubt that she has the correct Jim Acosta.

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She finished by saying, “…who is currently the Chief White House correspondent for CNN.” ‘Currently’ may be the operative word. It does beg the question: how long will Acosta continue to be the Chief White House correspondent? (Continued Below)

Watch Alexa answer after she is asked about Acosta: