Veterans Day Surprise: Ben Carson Unveils Breakthrough Progress For Homeless Vets

On the heels of Veterans Day weekend, HUD Secretary Ben Carson announced an incredible diligence to serve our American veterans.

In an exclusive interview with Brietbart News, Carson divulges where your hard-earned tax dollars are going for our homeless Veterans. (MORE BELOW.)


The Secretary of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development recently went to visit the New England Center and Home for Veterans in Boston.

And what he had to say about it will leave you feeling good. And you’ll know that your tax dollars are helping Veterans off the streets and somewhere safe and sound. While checking out the Home for Veterans, Dr. Carson had an opportunity to speak with many of the veterans who were there.

Secretary Carson told Amanda House from Brietbart, “I gave all of the veterans that I talked to an opportunity to complain. They had nothing to complain about. They had a chance to see their case managers on a regular basis.”

Then added, “There were people there to take care of all of their basic needs. There were even training programs for those who are capable and interested in retraining for employment and many people have gone on to be quite independent.” (MORE BELOW.) 

“Our country is full of good-hearted people.” – Dr. Ben Carson

HUD Secretary Carson said, “Sixty-four local communities and three states have declared an effective end of veteran homelessness.”

“When we have 95 percent of veterans off the streets, that’s considered essential victory,” Carson told Brietbart. If you’d like to help with the mission or learn more then go to h/t Brietbart

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