Fitton Makes An Educational Guess Of How Many Illegal Votes Were Cast In The Midterms

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch has a BLOCKBUSTER video about HOW MANY illegal immigrants are voting in the United States

In a stunning reveal he tells us the results of the illegal population in the United States and how it affects the laws of the land and our election cycles. (VIDEO BELOW.)

ILLEGAL ALIENS who are NOT American citizens vote in our elections.

Fitton tells us about illegals who kill American’s and with great empathy, he said, “It’s not just stolen lives but it’s stolen rights that we have with both the large alien population here in the United States.”

In 2008-2010 Professor Richmond at the Old Dominion University, conducted a study on voting patterns. He found that “aliens registered to vote in large numbers AND vote in numbers large enough to affect the outcome of elections.” 

Specifically, Fitton said, “Aliens illegally voting resulted in Al Franken being elected to the Senate in Minnesota. Which was the 50th vote or 51st vote for all sorts of things. Obama was able to do his first year in office.”  Furthermore, Obama’s “stimulus [package] and Obamacare,” were affected. It also helped Obama when the State in North Carolina, Fitton mentioned.

Fitton told us that Professor Richmond discovered that “people registered to vote who are not here legally. And those who are also here legally, who aren’t citizens, also registered to vote in the Federal election.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Fitton disclosed the numbers of ILLEGAL ALIENS who vote in America. It’s STAGGERING.

Fitton discovered that there are about 43 million alien residence in the United States. He then figured out what the voting age of that population might be and then took the percentages.

Specifically, what Fitton discovered is STUNNING. He deduced that 1.1 million aliens illegally voted for Hillary Clinton (80% Democrat – 20% Republican.) But that’s not all.

He carried it over to the 2018 midterms and said “I would estimate at least 275,000 illegal votes by aliens this election, with the large majority of these illegal votes going to Democrats.” Estimate is based on study linked here: Science Direct: Do Non-Citizens vote in U.S. elections? (VOTE BELOW.)

WATCH Fitton talk illegal voting in America.