Dershowitz Warns CNN Why They Should Be Careful What They Wish For In WH Lawsuit

Alan Dershowitz who is a scholar of constitutional and criminal law is a self-noted Democrat.

Specifically, what he has to say about the CNN lawsuit, Jim Acosta and the White House comes from one of America’s greatest legal minds.  (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Alan Dershowitz talked about CNN’s White House Lawsuit.

The TMZ reporter asked Dershowitz point-blank what he thought of CNN’s lawsuit from a legal and publicity perspective.

And Alan’s reply will stun you. He said, “I think it’s very unlikely they [CNN] will prevail in the lawsuit because it’s very FACT specific.”

“You have to interpret what allegedly happened. And was it rude? Was it pushing and shoving? I think the White House has very considerable discretion in who they allow and don’t allow to question the Press Secretary or ultimately the President,” Dershowitz explained.

“The clear case would be somebody from CNN or another channel was EXCLUDED purely because of reporting or purely because of their political views. That would be an interesting case. But I’m not even sure that would win. But this one is too complicated on it’s FACTS,” he said. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

“If I had to bet ‘widow’s and orphan’s money’ on the outcome of this case. I would bet against CNN.” – Alan Dershowitz

TMZ asked, “Isn’t this a symbolic thing they’re doing? To be a thorn in the President’s side and to make a point to the American public?” Alan responded, “It is. But if they lose, then they’re setting it BACK rather than moving it forward.”

“I think it’s always a mistake to bring a lawsuit that you’re bringing for publicity purposes that you may in the end – LOSE,” Dershowitz continued. CNN is used to losing though. They’re good at it. Just check out their failing ratings. They’re behind Nickelodeon in total viewership. And that tells you everything you need to know about CNN.

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