Judge Napolitano Reveals The Method He Thinks House Dems Will Use To Battle Trump

Leave it to the Democrats to come up with ways to harass the President instead of working for the people. Nancy Pelosi said she will be “strategic” on her planned attacks in the House against the President.

Pelosi shamelessly used Republican’s words in seeking the TRUTH and said her investigations will not be political or “scatter shot” but “strategic.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Yeah….RIGHT, Pelosi. Your planned attacks ARE political. Dems eyeing a “SUBPOENA CANON.”

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum reported as “democrats take control of the House in January,” they have a plan in place. Specifically, Martha told us that AXIOS reported, that the Dems have a “subpoena cannon with 85 plus Trump targets” ready to roll in January.

A subpoena cannon perfectly defines harassment of a President. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell gave a history lesson on Presidential harassment, click here to read more. (VIDEO after photograph.)

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios.

Fox News reported, “Potential targets including everything from President Trump’s tax returns to Russia to the Trump family business.” (Continued below then VIDEO.)

Additionally, Judge Napolitano, Judicial Analyst, revealed the dysfunctional goal of the Democrats. Their goal is “wreck this President.” How does that help every day Americans?

The House plans on attacking the President rather than legislating.

Judge Napolitano reacts to the list that covers almost everything in President Trump’s life. Additionally, Martha asked him, “What do you think of the stuff on that list?” And Judge said the Democrats have two goals. (Continued below then VIDEO.)

Specifically, “one is to preoccupy him. And the other is to run shadow investigations of what Bob Mueller was investigating. Because that way the Democrats can “pick and choose what they want to leak and what they want to announce,” Judge Nap said.

“What is the GOAL OF THIS?” Nap asked rhetorically. “TO WRECK THE PRESIDENCY.” He continued, “They believe that they have a mandate from their base to attack the President. To investigate rather than legislate.”

In closing, contact your Congressmen now and tell them what you want them to work on instead of a “subpoena canon” to “wreck the President.” Click the official site here for quick contact information.

WATCH Judge Nap react to Dem’s subpoena bomb with Martha.