DOJ Delivers A Devastating Initial Blow To Acosta’s Lawsuit Against The White House

CNN has really gone overboard in creating “fake” news. Jim Acosta had his “hard pass” pulled by the White House for being disruptive.

CNN has filed a law suit against the President of the United States citing First Amendment rights. (MORE BELOW.)

The DOJ has weighed in. And it’s looking SAD if you are CNN.

The Washington Examiner reported from a court document that was filed on Wednesday that the President has “full discretion over handing out credentials to journalists for access to White House grounds.” 

Furthermore, “with respect to their First Amendment claim, the president and his staff have absolute discretion over which journalists they grant interviews to, as well as over which journalists they acknowledge at press events,” the Justice Department said in the document.

“That broad discretion necessarily includes discretion over which journalists receive on-demand access to the White House grounds and special access during White House travel for the purpose of asking questions of the President or his Staff,” the DOJ proclaimed.

The bottom line, the CNN lawsuit stunt is just that. A political stunt with ZERO merit or basis. (MORE BELOW.)

The secret service agent was named in the CNN lawsuit.

By going after the secret service agent who took away Acosta’s credentials – it simply shows how the left is willing to attack anyone who follows the America First agenda.

The Washington Examiner wrote, “The lawsuit names a Secret Service agent “John Doe” as a defendant for allegedly having blocked Acosta’s access to the White House grounds.”

“The White House said last week that it was indefinitely suspending Acosta’s credentials after a heated exchange between him and President Trump at a press conference. After Acosta was called on to ask a question, Trump attempted to move on to another reporter, but Acosta initially refused to relinquish the microphone to a White House intern,” The Washington Examiner said. (h/t Washintgton Examiner.)