Matt Gaetz Reveals Why Broward County May Have Purposely Missed The Deadline

Matthew Gaetz (R-FL) has been the biggest voter watch dog in South Florida, and he joined Fox News’ Kennedy to tell the tale.

Among the Florida recount chaos, Broward county missed the cut off time by two minutes and caused all of the effort to go for nothing. (MORE BELOW.)

The results remain the same after the recount.

Matthew Gaetz believes the Democrats are calling for the recounts for a reason. Furthermore, it is to affect future elections by changing laws to include nefarious voter count activity.

Fox News reported, “Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz reacted to news that Gov. Rick Scott’s Senate campaign is claiming Broward County election official Brenda Snipes intentionally missed a recount deadline by two minutes.”

“Scott said the late submission appeared intentional because the machine recount in Broward netted him 779 votes — which are now rejected because they were tardy,” Fox said.

“Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach) said that in the universe of approximately 2,000 total ballots in question, Rick Scott [did] well and is understandably frustrated,” Fox reported. (MORE BELOW.)

Kennedy reviewed ‘what happened’ and Gaetz tells us WHY it happened.

Lisa Kennedy told us that Brenda Snipes office said that Snipes’ office had finished the recount 15 minutes early. Interestingly, they missed the recount by 2 minutes because “a staffer didn’t know how to use the submission website.”

Since Republican Governor-elect Rick Scott had a 700 vote gain in Broward for the recount and because the Broward submission was late, they will use last weeks tally so those votes are now lost.

Gaetz announced that there is now a criminal referral for the Democrats because they were “instructing people on how to alter forms to count vote-by-mail ballots that should not be counted by law.”  

WATCH the video below: