GOP Chair Wipes Away Flake’s Threat To Sabatoge The Confirmation Of Judges

Senator Jeff Flake (RINO-AZ) and Senate Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso (R-WY) went head to head in a battle for Judicial confirmations.

The GOP has been busy confirming Judges to both the low and high courts. The Kavanaugh confirmation for the Supreme Court being the most recent and notorious confirmation. (MORE BELOW.)

Retiring Senator Flake tries to pull another fast one and GOP shuts him DOWN.

Who can forget what Flake did during the Kavanaugh hearing when he famously withheld his confirmation vote which caused the unjust FBI investigation to continue.

Recently, Flake threatened to pull his votes away from Justice appointments if Majority Speaker Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) did not push the Mueller protection Bill through for the Democrats.

Fox News reported that Senator Flake “vowed to pull support for all federal judicial nominees — including 21 pending in the Judiciary Committee and 32 awaiting a vote on the Senate floor — unless the Senate’s GOP leadership permits consideration of legislation to expand protections for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s job.”

“It’s not the first time Flake has used judicial nominees to help the Democrats out – he wanted to try it with trade policy before – Fox News reported. Flake will be replaced by far left leaning Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in January,” as reported by US4Trump. (MORE BELOW.)

GOP Chairman Barrasson STOPS Flake dead in his tracks.

Regarding Flake’s most recent threats to withhold votes on Justice nominations, Barrasso has a message for Flake. And it is LOUD AND CLEAR!

Brietbart reported, “On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’sAmerica’s Newsroom,” Senate Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso (R-WY) declared that the Senate will confirm judges “with or without” Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ).” BOOM! Flake is becoming more and more insignificant. And his grandstanding will NOT BE TOLERATED.

“With regard to Senator Flake, we are going to fulfill our constitutional responsibility, confirming judges, confirming members of the president’s team. We’re going to do that with or without Jeff Flake. This seems to be his go-to play right now, threatening judges. You know, he did it this past summer on tariffs and trade. Now he’s doing it in terms of the issue of the special counsel. There is no threat to the special counsel. We are going to get these judges confirmed.” — Senator Barrasso

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